Customization / OEM Service

With independent Sink & Bathtubs workshops, customized product line including solid surface sheets, solid surface bathtubs, sink & basins, etc. We are also good at solid surface Cut -to -size projects and Countertops fabrication.
Rich knowhow on project customization
With rich experience in engineering projects, we make it possible for customers to enjoy customized service. This means that your ideas and drawings could be realized by opening a new mold or alternatively by fabrication.
Product drawings from customers are integral if customized products are required. Production process then will be precisely carried out according to customer's drawings. From drawings to finished products, puts emphasis on each step of the production process and sees it tremendously significant.
Color customization
Based on customer's sample, we will make a sample color plaque for your evaluation. Customers could get 99% color matching samples, which are extremely like the ones you need.
Size customization of solid surface sheets
Different sizes can be made to meet the needs of different application or area. The size of the solid surface sheet can be customized according to customer's requirements. Minimum order quantity varies by product.

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