Care & Maintenance

General cleaning
For day to day cleaning, warm soapy water or non-abrasive household cleaners such as glass cleaner or commercially available solid surface cleaners will remove most residues. Then rinse and towel dry the surface to prevent spotting especially in areas with hard water.
Removing stubborn residue
Stubborn residue that will not come out with day to day cleaning methods requires a slightly stronger cleaner. The following suggestions will assist you to remove stubborn residue and refurbish the finish.

Matte: Apply an abrasive cleaner and a damp sponge, buff in a circular motion. Then rinse and towel dry.
Glossy: this finish is limited to mild detergents or nonabrasive cleaners with a soft cloth.
Simple precautions
Although IntecStone Solid Surface can be renewed or repaired if necessary by a professional fabricator, it’s best to try and avoid serious damage by following these few simple guidelines.
Preventing heat damage
Although IntecStone Solid Surface is heat resistant, common sense should be applied concerning exposure to direct heat. As with all types of countertops use solid trivets with rubber tip feet or flame resistant heat mats when placing hot objects, heat producing appliances such as electric skillets, crock pots, etc. on the countertop.
Protecting the surface
Avoid exposing the surface to harsh chemicals such as paint removers/thinner, acetone based cleaners, stove/drain cleaners, etc. if these come in contact with the surface, quickly wash off with water, using the appropriate safety measures to avoid injury.

Do not cut directly on the surface of your countertop, always use a cutting board. Deeper cuts may require service of a professional fabricator at an added expense.

Do not stand or sit on the countertop.

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