Who are we...?

Founded in2008, IntecStone® is the leading manufacturer of engineered Glass Stone surfaces in China. Owning three automatic production lines, providing 550,000 square meters of Glass Stone slabs and tiles annually.

IntecStone® Glass Stone surfaces primary focus is skillfully combining timeless marble patterns with superior Glass Stone technology. Our product pairs durable Glass Stone surfacing with perfect marble design. This results in greater application for the use of marble without compromising aesthetics. Our calacatta design and marble design Glass Stone are unparalleled in beauty and performance.

Marble in the kitchen is not a problem with IntecStone® Glass Stone surfaces.

With certificate of ISO9001 and CE, advanced processing equipment and technique, strong team of high experienced and professional workforce, IntecStone® offers the distributors and customers a 15 years warranty.

for high resistance
Kitchen top IntecStone® is highly resistant against any scratching, cutting, high temperatures, but also against acids commonly used in a household(e.g.lemon Juice,vinegar).These properties raise the IntecStone® Glass Stone above all other comparable soulutions, enabling you to use the kitchen top generally without limitations and guaranteeing a perfect surface appearance even after years of using.

for easy maintenance
Simple and quick maintenance is IntecStone® materiall's strong point. The smooth surface without pores , joints and edges accurate technical solution significantly facilitates cleaning of surfaces made of IntecStone® Glass Stone. That is the property that you really appreciate everyday.

for elegance
Colorfulness, structure, perfection in design. The countertop is a crown of every kitchen and IntecStone® material enables to really excel.It is elegant in its entirety. perfect in every detail. Thanks to its high functionality, IntecStone® material is one of the top-qulity interior solutions, meeting even the strictest requirements.

15 years Limited Warranty
IntecStone® offers a 15 years limited warranty on slabs in commercial and residential Glass Stone products. For details, please contact a IntecStone® showroom in your area or visit us at www.intecstone.com

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