Fabrication Requirements

When receiving IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces in quantity for warehousing stock or for a project, you will need a forklift with 8-foot forks or 8-foot fork extensions. The panels will come packed on an A-frame. When offloading or loading A-frames, an Abaco glass lifter attached to a boom on a forklift or indoor crane is recommended. You should never attempt to lift or move porcelain panels with granite clamps!
If unpacking IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces off an A-frame, place a soft jaw clamp over the panels at one end to secure prior to removing factory banding/strapping. IntecStone® Porcelain Slab of 6mm thick weigh 2.92 lbs. per sq. ft. and panels of 12mm thick weigh 5.84 lbs. per sq. ft. The most common moving procedure for 6mm is two people equipped with the ETM grip or the ETM slide. With 12mm, you need at least 3 people equipped with the ETM grip. Additional option for handling 12mm, is using the ETM double slide with pump cups. Identify destination and have protection in place prior to moving. It’s a good idea to use corner protectors.
If picking up IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces at supplier’s facility, use a suitably sized A-frame that offers cushioned/proper protection at all contact points. Use suitably sized vehicle to house and carry the A-frame. Always strap IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces to the A-frame and the A-frame to the vehicle. Never clamp IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces during transport, as damage/breakage may result. For job site and shop movement, the ETM Transporter can store up to 16 pieces of 6mm, or 8 pieces of 12mm slabs. A-Frame’s are ideal for moving up to two slabs.
The most important part of fabricating/cutting IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces is a flat, sturdy surface of supportive size. Tables designed for use with porcelain slabs are available.
For 6mm thickness, pre-application of 1/2" thick high-density foam backer board to support IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces is recommended prior to fabrication of sink holes or other at countertops, for rigidity and strength during installation. With the backer pre-installed, the fabricated countertops can be installed over 3/4" plywood set on top of cabinets.
For 12mm thickness, pre-application of 1/2" backerboard is recommended to support IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces over 3/4" plywood installed on cabinets. The backerboard provides additional support for aprons and turndown edges. IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces should not be applied directly to plywood attached to cabinets. 6mm and 12mm IntecStone® slabs can be installed directly over existing natural stone and other solid surface tops. Standard cutting is easiest done by the score-and-break process for straight cuts. “L”, “U”, and dropout cuts first must have a hole drilled through the porcelain slab with a 3/16" diameter or larger porcelain stoneware drill bit at the beginning and end of each cut line to relieve the pressure and prevent cracking. Mitering is commonly performed when fabricating IntecStone® Porcelain Surfaces for countertop use. Acrylic or epoxy can be used to bond miters. Miters must be filled completely in order to protect finished edge from chipping or breaking. Use color kit and match accordingly. If bonding/filling mitered edge of veined material, mix one color to match veining and another color to match body. Fill accordingly.

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