Keys to Successful Installation

Gauged Porcelain Slab installation requires particular attention to proper substrate preparation, grout joint sizing, trowel selection, and mortar coverage. It is critical that gauged porcelain slab be installed on a level substrate. Additionally, there must be at least 90% mortar contact, and the slab should be installed in accordance per the grout joint recommendations of each slab series. Refer to the published installation instructions prepared by your preferred manufacturer of setting materials for optimal tools and setting methods to achieve your desired result.
For proper bonding, LFT mortar must be used in installing tiles with a dimensional length greater than 15 inches on any one side of the tile. Back buttering slabs of this nature in the installation process will also assure proper coverage for bonding. For countertop applications using 6mm thickness, it’s recommended to apply a backer board prior to cutting, mitering, etc.
Seams can be installed using same process as natural stone tops, seam leveling tool, acrylic or epoxy for adherence. If backer board is used, make sure to bond backer board under porcelain at seam with proper adhesive.
Installation Tips
Installation of IntecStone® Porcelain surfaces are basically the same as all other gauged porcelain slab, for floor and wall applications. Using proper tools is a must for a successful handling and installation.
Important install notes
– Substrate must be within 1/8" variance in 10 feet.
– LFT mortar must be used with zipper notch type trowels.
– Back butter all slab for complete mortar coverage.
– Lippage control device system must be used on all joints.
– De-airing with beating block on walls and walking on from center out on floors, to ensure complete mortar coverage
– Pick materials up with grip and suction cup, minimum three people.
– It ’s big, it ’s lightweight but it requires the right tools to handle it. Safety first.
– Equipment to help with transport, handling, cutting, fabrication, delivery and installation.
Vertical Wall
• Handling both 6mm and 12mm
• Accessories required for handling slab
• Substrate and substrate preparation
• Strict flatness requirements related to 6mm
• Trowel-applied patching compound, waterproofing and crack isolation membranes
• Selecting right installation product or project
• Handling both 6mm and 12mm
• Standard tooling
• Continuous rim porcelain blades only, not to exceed 5-inch diameter in hand-held tools. For larger shop saws, maximum 9-inch diameter – Grinding Discs (refining and trimming edges) – Silicon Carbide and Felt Polishing pads – Acrylic or Epoxy w/color matching pigments – Standard Core Drill bits
• Sinks – Under Mount, Over Mount and Flush
• Substrate required
• Seaming procedure for countertop
• Mitered Edge Profiling – good training and education very important
Household Cleaners Recommended For Daily Use:
• Windex
• Baking Soda
• Ammonia
• Lysol Gel with Magic Eraser for tough stains
• Brasso gel with Magic Eraser for metallic stains or marks
• All PH neutral cleaners
IntecStone® Porcelain surfaces is resistant to heat, stains, scratches and household chemicals.

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