Who we are...?

As a joint venture established by IntecStone in Viet Nam, IntecStone Viet Nam is a leading manufacturer of engineered quartz surfaces, located in Binh Duong province, south part of Viet Nam. IntecStone Viet Nam and IntecStone China share the same production technology, designs and color series. World-class quality made in Viet Nam.

The factory owns two fully automatic production lines with daily capacity of 200 slabs and annual capacity of more than 60,000 quartz slabs. IntecStone Viet Nam also runs its own plant for Cut to Size projects and countertop fabrication.

Compared to other suppliers, our advantage is that 100% quartz slabs and quartz Cut to Size are manufactured in Viet Nam without the US anti-dumping and countervailing duties. Over the past decade, we have been tracking demand in the US market and continuously receiving feedback from customers. Based on this, we develop 2-4 new quartz designs every month, especially Calacatta quartz with subtle gold veins and depth. For details of our factory and color collection, please visit www.intecstone.com

With strong confidence in the quality standard, IntecStone Viet Nam offers the distributors a 15 years warranty.

for high resistance
IntecStone Quartz Surfaces is highly resistant against any scratching, cutting, high temperatures, but also against acids commonly used in a household(e.g.lemon Juice,vinegar).These properties raise the IntecStone Quartz Surfaces above all other comparable soulutions, enabling you to use the kitchen top generally without limitations and guaranteeing a perfect surface appearance even after years of using.

for easy maintenance
Simple and quick maintenance is IntecStone Quartz Surfaces's strong point. The smooth surface without pores is comparable to a glass surface, joints and edges accurate technical solution significantly facilitates cleaning of surfaces made of INTECSTONE . That is the property that you really appreciate everyday.

for elegance
Colorfulness, structure, perfection in design. The countertop is a crown of every kitchen and IntecStone Quartz Surfaces enables to really excel.It is elegant in its entirety. perfect in every detail. Thanks to its high functionality, IntecStone Quartz Surfaces is one of the top-qulity interior solutions, meeting even the strictest requirements.

15 years limited warranty
IntecStone offers a 15 years limited warranty on slabs in commercial and residential quartz products. For details, please contact a IntecStone showroom in your area
or visit us at www.intecstonevn.com

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